Countertop Gallery Services

  • Indoor / Outdoor Countertops
  • Kitchen countertops standard / full height backsplash
  • Bathroom vantities
  • Tub surrounds shower walls
  • Fireplace walls
  • Remove existing countertops
  • Prepping old counters for new countertops

Although we offer removal and cabinet prepping services to help you get ready for your new countertops, we do not disconnect or reconnect any plumbing or touch any electrical for insurance reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Countertop Gallery, we’re here to help guide you through the experience of updating your home or business and answer any questions, big or small. If you don’t find the answer you are searching for in our FAQ section please feel free to contact us at or 720-935-9932.

What are the pros and cons of granite and quartz surfaces?


  • Low maintenance / Non porous (daily cleaning)
  • Durability (93% Quartz)
  • Uniformity and color constancy
  • Versatility (kitchens, bathrooms, tub and shower surrounds)


  • Costly depending on level selected
  • Vulnerable to extreme heat


  • Natural beauty
  • Exotic patterns and array of colors
  • Durability - heat and scratch resistant
  • Resale value


  • Maintenance (sealing required every six months)
  • Costly depending on level selected
  • Natural blemishes pitting and fissures (tiny cracks)

How do I find the rough estimate of many square ft I have?
In sections, measure countertop length by width (in inches) / Backsplash measure height by length (in inches). Using a calculator, multiply the two numbers in each section. Add all numbers together Divide this number by 144. That will give you a rough estimate of your total square footage. Quotes for countertops will have actual square footage.

Do I have to remove existing countertops?
Yes, in some cases countertops may need to be removed. It allows us to template your new countertops correctly. The removal process helps determine any unseen problems such as structural, support and level issues that may slow the process or jeopardize your countertops in the future.

*Although we offer removal and cabinet prepping services to help you get ready for your new countertops, we do not disconnect or reconnect any plumbing or touch any electrical for insurance reasons.

What is the story with seams?
Although we try to minimize how many seams are put into your countertop, many factors come into play such as length, shape, weight, safety and waste. After reviewing all factors, seam placement will be determined at Countertop Gallery’s discretion. We mix a color match epoxy and use distinct tools to pull stone together, blend and reduce visibility of seams.

*You will be able to feel and see your seams. They will NOT disappear.

What do I need to have prior to templating?
All cabinets and panels will need to be installed prior to templating, Upper cabinets (appliance garages, etc) that sit on the countertops will need to be removed and installed after new countertops are completed.

All sinks, faucets, and appliances must be onsite for template.

Water, electricity, and gas must be turned off and completely disconnected.

All the base cabinets must be completely emptied.

Removal of the old countertops is needed prior to templating Sinks, faucets, stoves, cooktops and refrigerators need to be on site at the time of templating.

Pre-Template Checklist

  • Please make sure all new and old cobinets are plumb, level (within 1/8"), and square and secured to the walls and/or floor.
  • Empty all base cabinets and remove any upper cabinets (appliance garage, etc) until new countertops are completed.
  • Disconnect and remove all water, electricity and gas lines leading to sinks, garbage disposals and cooktops.
  • Existing countertops may need to be removed prior to templating.
  • Make sure sink, facet, cooktops and any holes or cutout information are on site during templating.
  • Have all appliances (dishwasher, refrigerators, and stoves) in place.
  • Prior to installation this checklist will better prepare you for installation of your countertops.  Stone countertops can weight up to 20 pounds per sq ft and difficult to maneuver.  Please be attentive to pre-installation checklist for the safety of our installers and your home.

Pre-Installation Checklist

  • Please have someone over the age of 18 and is able to make any decisions needed to successfully complete the installation of your new countertops.
  • For safety while handling the stone, the installers will not be able to remove their shoes.  Please take precautions to protecting flooring that may concern you.
  • Keep in mind the installers will need to park and work as close as possible to the installation area.
  • Clear the path the the installers will be using and remove and pictures, antiques, mirrors, lamps or other breakable items for the pathway and installation area.
  • For everyone's safety, please keep all children and pets away from the construction area.
  • Due to some kitchen designs, such as cooktops, drop-in sink, etc., cutting inside is needed to insure the integrity of the stone and may create a large amount of dust.  Please seal and cover any doorways, furniture vents, and other items in and around the installation area.